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Coaching for Financial Advisors and Their Teams

In today’s increasingly commoditized marketplace, financial advisors and their teams are faced with greater challenges than ever before. In order to successfully compete, financial advisors must create measurable, repeatable and scalable approaches to consistently deliver results. This must happen in parallel to managing the numerous priorities of running a practice – such as building and nurturing client relationships. Focus, coupled with a strong unified team, has never been more critical. The need to operate consistently at optimum levels is essential.


No one aspires to mediocrity, many financial services professionals stop doing the things that made them successful in the first place. High-performing teams are those that continue to objectively assess where they are and what it takes to get where they want to be. In order to capitalize on opportunities and continue to grow, they must remain committed to leveraging the strengths and talents of each individual team member. Staying engaged in the pursuit of growth will enhance the expansion of the practice.


Coaching for Financial Advisors & Teams with Christopher Margolin & Associates provides a system with specific accountability measures to ensure the successful execution of the strategy. Attaining certainty in direction and focus will assist in the implementation of the overall vision – and achieve optimum results.


Coaching for Financial Advisors & Teams with Christopher Margolin & Associates will enable you to:

• Align the strategic vision with day-to-day tactical execution;
• Identify and agree upon the appropriate metrics to track progress;
• Increase team confidence, strength and cohesion;
• Establish and achieve higher-quality goals;
• Accurately identify and capitalize on highest value opportunities;
• Increase the value of your financial services practice – and much more.

Christopher Margolin is extremely adept at accessing information that individuals know innately and unleashing it into their conscious thought where they can use it effectively. He then helps shape what we are already doing – or should be doing – into a clearly defined action plan that provides a definable, repeatable, effective and scalable process.

Ed HeckerEd Hecker, Branch Manager/Director,
UBS Financial Services

Contact Us

Learn more about Christopher Margolin & Associates by calling 904-253-0097 or send a message.

Your coaching engagement includes:

• An in-depth discovery session at your place of business;
• One half-day, face-to-face meeting each quarter;
• Two scheduled phone calls each month;
• Unlimited phone and email support between sessions as needed.


$15,000-$35,000 annually, depending on team size and location. Fees are billed quarterly in advance. All fees exclude travel costs, which are the responsibility of the client.

Just Ask It christopher Margolin

Just Ask It is available for $19.95.
Send a message to place your order today.

Great Results From Great Questions

Success in any business, especially financial services, is about building and sustaining meaningful relationships. The access point to these kinds of relationships comes when you ask the right questions and then listen to the answers.


Just Ask It is the result of expertise gained from years of coaching financial advisors, managers, and leaders. In it, you will find the tools necessary to propel both your personal and professional relationships. It describes the most valuable techniques used to strengthen your ability to communicate with anyone.

This book was an eye-opener to me… makes me wonder how I supposedly “made it” in this business without using these techniques! Chris’ concise probing questions have been invaluable to me in further developing my practice, and the higher the net worth of the prospective client, the more essential this material is. A “must-read” for anyone looking to land large relationships.

– Senior Vice President – Investment Officer, National Wirehouse

Thanks for the book, Just Ask It”. As one of your coaching clients, I was glad to see you included the section on introductory meetings. It brought to mind one of your questions that led to a big win for my practice; “What needs to happen for you to move your accounts?” That question led to 2 new households, and $7mm in new assets within two months of the time I asked it. No close, no hard sale, no figuring out what I needed to do. Just ask the question, and let the answers flow.

– Rodger Goldman, Vice President – Investments, UBS Financial Services