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Coaching for High-Performing Executives, Leaders, and Their Teams

Being an effective leader in today’s constantly evolving business world is a fluid and dynamic process requiring more than just a shared vision with a team. Effective leaders are those that are able to assess, develop, and strategically align their methodology to focus and inspire their team – while simultaneously managing multiple goals, tasks, and initiatives.


Great leaders must have the ability to focus on their own unique strengths, develop a clear sense of purpose and raise their self-awareness to stay competitive and capitalize on opportunities. Achieving this higher level of objectivity is critical to maximizing potential.


Executive Coaching is a powerful approach as well as the key to enhancing success. Christopher Margolin & Associates provides a sophisticated, structured approach that will emphasize how to focus on your strengths to set and achieve higher-quality goals with greater confidence, purpose, and intent. Being able to objectively identify the influencers of your behavior and efficiency will challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone and personal expectations. In addition, it will also greatly optimize your overall effectiveness and performance – enabling you to maximize your potential.


Executive Coaching for established, transitioning or aspirational leaders with Christopher Margolin & Associates will assist you to:

• Identify and leverage your strengths;
• Accurately identify and capitalize on highest value opportunities;
• Create, be accountable to and achieve higher-quality goals;
• Enhance listening and communication techniques;
• Develop an integrated leadership approach that aligns strategic vision with tactical execution.

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Through coaching with Christopher Margolin, I’ve accomplished a greater definitive of opportunity, purpose and action steps to take. This has been coupled with a better understanding of the risk and reward for various decisions. I have a context for the whole plan for career, as well as numerous key learnings regarding leadership, communication and care for others.

Chris CantarellaChris Cantarella, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry International

Contact Us

Learn more about Christopher Margolin & Associates by calling 904-253-0097 or send a message.

Your coaching engagement includes:

• An in-depth discovery session at your place of business;
• One half-day, face-to-face meeting each quarter;
• Two scheduled phone calls each month;
• Unlimited phone and email support between sessions as needed.


$25,000-$65,000 annually, depending on the engagement and location. Fees are billed quarterly in advance. All fees exclude travel costs, which are the responsibility of the client.